The Opening

This is the opening of a new era in the lives of the survivors of a 60’s cult called The Move. Our experience is not unique, we are joined by a third of the world’s population as survivors of childhood abuse. Many of us were sexually and physically abused. Nearly all of us were emotionally and psychologically abused. The doctrines under which we were raised relegated us to the position of a wild animal that required harsh treatment to tame. Our parents were taught that the evil they fought was within us and we were beaten, water boarded, tied up, made to kneel on broom sticks, or to hold stacks of books on our outstretched arms and so many other forms of torture meant to break our spirits. They broke so many of us and some have lived sad lives of drug addiction trying to hide from the pain while others have died from suicide and drug overdose. However, they did not defeat all of us and those of us who have found healing are ready to speak out for those young ones who continue to live under such twisted doctrines and abuse.